Can I play with multiple Dinosaurs at the same time?

Yes. Dinostep's aim is to build healthy habits and get rewarded for doing so, so it's perfectly normal if you want to run or walk with multiple dinosaurs at once.

Is there any limit of how many NFTs per account?

No. There's not

Tax & Slippage?

DNS: Buy: 0% Sell: 3% (2% to Marketing & Developement and 1% as reward for biggest buyer in 1 hour)
DST: No Buy & Sell Tax

Is it listed on CoinMarketcap & CoinGecko

DNS & DST will be listed on CMC and CG after listing on PancakeSwap

Where can I buy DNS & DST?

$DNS will be available on PancakeSwap 24 hours after fair launch ends for everyone to buy.
$DST will be seen on PancakeSwap few days later after app launch.

Is the Liquidity Pool Locked?

The liquidity pool will be locked 10 years via PinkSale smart contract.

What is the Website Address?

Website: https://dinostep.app/​

What is The Contract Address?

DNS Smart Contract Address: 0x680891034831e06ba48bC5283412D41A5F675404

Who is the DinoStep Team?

The team have 4 core team members experienced in crypto marketing and product mechanism and a talent tech lead, beside that team have over dozen staff working as designers, content creators, content marketing ...
The team will also do Kyc with PinkSale to make everything transparent for users.


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